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The University of Michigan Human-Powered Submarine is made possible by the support of individuals and organizations with the technical skills, theoretical knowledge, industry experience, supplier contacts, and the capital to assist us.

Title Sponsor

$4000+ (Largest non-University cash sponsor + 1/2 value of product donation)

  • Will host events for company recruiters and company engineers to discuss various engineering topics and speak with team members.
  • Availability of HPS Team Members for Presentations & Company Events
  • Extra Large Logo on Submarine on both sides of the sub
  • Extra Large Logo on Trailer
  • Company Shoutout on all our UM Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In)
  • Promotion during media interviews, outreach events, and public appearances/recruitment 
  • All benefits listed below
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Platinum Sponsor

$2500+ (cash + 1/2 value of product donation)

  • Large Logo On Submarine
  • Large Logo On Trailer
  • Large Logo on team t-shirts and all publications
  • Company Shoutout and personal thank you notes on all our UM Social Media Platforms
  • All benefits listed below

Maize & Blue


$1000+  (cash + 1/2 value of product donation)

  • Medium logo on submarine
  • Medium Logo on Trailer
  • Banners/Promotional Materials/Flyers displayed at Races
  • Medium Logo on team t-shirts and all publications 
  • Company Shoutout and personal thank you’s on all our UM Social Media Platforms
  • Will provide updates and pictures of construction, building, and races.

For Us

  • We benefit greatly from discounts/donations of materials (such as aluminum sheets, fiberglass, resin, scuba gear, etc) ... and we love freebies!

  • Direct monetary donations are awesome because we can put them toward whatever we need at the time. All checks must be made payable to University of Michigan.

  • Industry engineers are repositories of valuable information for our design leads and student engineers to learn from. So we like your design engineers' contact information so we can send you our questions.

For You

  • Michigan HPS is a 501(c)(3) qualified nonprofit, so any charitable donation to HPS is eligible as a tax-deductible write-off.

  • We will mention you in regular social media posts with messages of thanks for the community to recognize your donation.

  • We send you an update each semester regarding our progress on the sub and what we're doing with your donated materials/funds.

  • Top recruiters consistently give us glowing feedback on our students' performance in engineering firms. We organize events for your exclusive access to recruiting them for internships and full-time positions.


Sponsor HPS!

If you are interested, we encourage you to get involved with the team by contacting our business lead Lauren Wich at

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