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Find your place with Human Powered Submarine

Let's Succeed Together

Our design team nurtures students' industrial experience by training future professionals in highly-transferable skills including conceptualization, designing, management, machining, and testing.



Student team Members


Unique Engineering Departments


University Certified SCUBA Divers


Student Driven


More than an Engineering Team

HPS is open to all University of Michigan students, and we encourage both engineers and non-engineers to apply!

We have a fully dedicated operations team that is responsible for outreach, finances, business relations, media creation, and much more!

We are the only SCUBA diving driven project team - all of our diving staff are students.

HPS is comprised of two teams:

Engineering Team

Design, build, test, and race our fully-flooded human powered submarine!

Engineering Team

  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Hull Systems
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Manufacturing Team

Operations Team

Collaborate with our University and business partners to finance, operate, and administer the team!
  • Business Team
    • Media
    • Finances
  • Logistics Team
    • Dive Safety Team
    • Truck Logistics

Join HPS today!

Fill out our team interest form, and we will respond as soon as possible with the next steps on joining the team!

Please include your full name, graduation year, major, and what sub team you are interested in joining.

Keep up to date on our social media platforms for more information on how to get involved!          

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