A Fully-Flooded Submarine
Powered by a Single SCUBA Diver

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What we do

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Real Life Engineering

Students on the team use computational fluid dynamics to predict the hull's hydrostatics and top speed, and finite element analysis to validate highly stressed parts of the drivetrain.

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Students also learn several fabrication techniques, including precision CNC machining, fiberglass layup, and vacuum bagging, 3D printing, and welding.


Scuba Diving Support

The sub is internally flooded, requiring the pilot to breathe from a SCUBA cylinder. Much like a bike, the pilot pedals to turn the propellers and has a joystick for steering.


Our Mission

The University of Michigan Human-Powered Submarine design team nurtures student engineers’ industrial experience and inspires societal significance for marine engineering innovation by advancing the body of knowledge in watercraft design in a public forum and training future engineers in highly-transferable technical skills including conceptualization, drafting, machining, and testing.



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Our newest submarine

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Our Location

The University of Michigan Human Powered Submarine is headquartered at the Wilson Student Team Project Center.

Wilson Student Team Project Center

(734) 615-6400

2603 Draper Dr

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

Contact Information

For business inquires, please email our Business Lead, Lauren Wich (lawich@umich.edu), and our President, Max Ford (maxford@umich.edu).

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